Space-time (without gravity) as a Clifford super-affine algebra.

Esercizi svolti: disequazioni di primo grado e frazionarie
10 Luglio 2018
General relativity: criticalities, hypothesis and misconceptions.
19 Aprile 2019


One of the problems that has always beset me is the definition of time. Some authors like Carlo Rovelli argue that it doesn’t exist; yet, personally I’m against this interpretation, since I find it impossible to define the concept of motion without a memory (ie, to measure a motion from point A to point B, I’m forced to “remember” that I started from A to arrive at B, ie the event “position = A” precedes the event “position = B”). Thus, in this article time will be interpreted as “ordered memory of events”, and it will be given a very specific geometric meaning, consistent with the physical and mathematical forecasts of special relativity.

But that’s not all: in deepening this intuition, I realized how this fits perfectly well both with the holographic formulation of space-time and with energy and time quantization, which I have included in the theory.

In addition, I wanted to tackle a problem of definition that hides in my opinion, a major problem of physical understanding of events and measures, that is: if we base our current physical theories on the “principle of conservation of energy” we must ensure that the energy it’s not a derived quantity, but a fundamental quantity from which space and time derive (otherwise we would be constructing a theory on something not yet defined).

Alessandro Rovetta

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NEW VERSION: April 22, 2019

space-time as a geometric algebra

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OLD VERSION: November 2, 2018

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